FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

REGISTRATION Q: How do I join and register with Elitebet Kenya?

Go to Safaricom: M-PESA
Lipa na M-PESA
Pay Bill
Enter business no. 850700
Enter account no. elitebet
Enter Amount E.g. 100KShs
Enter M-PESA PIN and confirm.

Q: Are there any charges to open an account with Elitebet Kenya?

A: No. Opening an account with us is absolutely free.

Q: What is the minimum amount I can send?

A: The minimum amount to send is KShs 10.

Q: I registered and haven’t received my Elitebet PIN.

A: If you have not received your Elitebetkenya PIN please Call or send an e-mail to our customer service who will assist you. You should have with you the MPESA transaction code for the deposit you made and your mobile number.

Q: What is the minimum age for betting on EB Kenya?

A: Kenyan Law prohibits minors from engaging in betting activities, hence persons under the age of 18 are forbidden from opening an account with Elitebet Kenya and using our services.

BET PLACEMENT Q: How to place a Bet Online?

A: Go to our website www.elitebetkenya.com, select the Login -> Input Stake (Amount you wish to bet with -> Click on Next Normal Bet -> Make your selection(s) -> Click on Submit or on any ‘Go’ icon -> Confirm the Selection(s) -> Click on Place Bet.

Q: What is the format of placing a bet via SMS?

A: The format for placing SMS bets is as follows: MATCH CODE # Your Selection * Stake (Amount) Example: 6425#1*50 and send to 29210. For Multibets, join the various selections with a + and then put * Amount at the end. Example: 6425#1+2600#2+1850#0*70. #1 is for the Home team to win. #2 is for the Away team to win. #0 is for a Draw.

Q: How can I get the matches to bet on my phone directly without going to the internet?

A: You can get Win-Draw-Win match codes for any of the games we offer by sending an SMS to 29210 with the word CODE or PRICE followed by the name of the team whose match code you want. Example: PRICE JUVENTUS or CODE JUVENTUS We will then reply with an SMS with the fixture you want, date and kickoff time, the match codes for the match result and the odds.

Q: How do I place a Full Cover Bet?

A: This can only be done on the online platform. Make your selections of between 3-8 games -> Submit -> On the bottom left of your screen the applicable full cover bet (based on the number of selections) will appear for your consideration -> Click on the full cover option you want -> Select Place Bet

Q: What is the maximum number of games I can put in a Multibet?

A: There is no limit on the number of games/events you can place in a Multibet. The only limit we have is that the total odds should not exceed 1,000.

The jackpot can be played online or via SMS.
Q: How to place a Jackpot Online

A: Go to our website www.elitebetkenya.com, select the Login » Click Jackpot » Pick your selections » Place bet.

Q: How to place a Jackpot via SMS?

A: Jackpot entries via SMS should start with JP and then include the predictions for the matches where 1 is a home win, 2 is an away win, X is a draw. A typical entry via SMS will be JP1X21X21X21X21X2 then send to 29210. SMS jackpot entries are entered in the same order as displayed online.

Q: How much is the Jackpot Bet?

A: Fixed Stake of Only Ksh. 50 per bet.

MY ACCOUNT Q: I have forgotten my PIN. How can I get this?

A: You can change your pin. To change your PIN, simply send an SMS to 29210 with the word PIN followed by any 4 digit PIN of your choice. For example, PIN 1234 sent to 29210 will immediately change your PIN to 1234. You can also call Customer Service with your registered line for assistance.

Q: How can I check my balance?

A: To check your balance, kindly SMS with the word BALANCE to 29210 or login online to your account and you will be able to see the available balance.

Q: Do you charge to send an SMS to 29210

A: Yes. Standard SMS charges apply for all SMS sent to 29210

Q: What is the maximum Payout?

A: The maximum payout of any winning bet shall be 1,000 times the stake or 1 Million KShs, whichever is the lower.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum stake?

A: We do not have a minimum stake. The maximum stake is 20,000 KShs per person per outcome.

Q: What is a Voided Bet?

A: A Voided Bet means the bet is invalid. This occurs when an event/match/game is postponed or cancelled or abandoned. For example, the game had kicked-off but did not finish within the period specified in our policy. If a game has been cancelled or postponed and is not rescheduled to play within 25 hours of the initial kick-off time, all bets placed on the game will be voided. Once the match has been set as void (settled at odds of 1.00), if it was a single bet, your stake is refunded back to your account, if it was in a Multibet, the bet will be settled on the basis of the remaining selections.

Q: I am unable to log in to my account.

A: Try any of the following steps:
Check that the PIN your using is correct. In particular, confirm that you are using numbers and not letters for your PIN.
Delete your browsing history/ clear the cache/ clear cookies and try to log in again.
Enable JavaScript on your phone.
Use a different machine to log in.

DEPOSITING Q: How do I Deposit Money to my Elitebet Account?

A: You can load your Elitebet account via MPESA using our Paybill number 850700 and A/C name ELITEBET
Go to Safaricom: M-PESA
Lipa na M-PESA
Pay Bill
Enter business no. 850700
Enter account no. elitebet
Enter Amount E.g. 100KShs
Enter M-PESA PIN and confirm.

Q: I sent money to my Elitebet account and it is not reflecting.

A: Crediting your account is done almost instantly but this can also take some time in case there are delays from the service provider. If your account hasn’t reflected within a maximum of about an hour of crediting it, please e-mail/WhatsApp us the MPESA transaction details or call Customer Service with those details for follow up.

Q: Can I send money to my account using another number?

A: No. We use your account number to identify you. All transactions – depositing and withdrawing – MUST therefore be done using your number.

WITHDRAWING Q: How to Withdraw Money in Elitebet Kenya?

A: Whenever you wish to withdraw your winnings, you can do this through SMS or online from your account. To Withdraw online:Log in -> View Account History -> Withdraw -> Input Amount -> SubmitWe will transfer the money from your account to your MPESA account. To Withdraw via SMS:Send an SMS to 29210 in the following format:W followed by the amount you wish to withdraw e.g. to withdraw KShs. 500 type W 500 and send that to 29210.

Q: Are there any fees when withdrawing?

A: No. Elitebet does not charge any carrier fee every time a withdrawal is made. Withdrawing from your account is absolutely free.

Q: What is the minimum amount I can withdraw from my Elitebet account?

A: The minimum amount one can withdraw is 50 KShs.

Q: What is the maximum amount I can withdraw from my Elitebet account?

A: The maximum amount to withdraw per transaction as per M-PESA’s regulation is KShs 70,000. Provided you have not done other MPESA transactions online, you can withdraw up to KShs 140,000 per day through MPESA.

RESULTS Q: How long does it take for my bet to be settled?

A: Elitebet Kenya always strives to settle all events as soon as they come to an end. Nevertheless, in order for us to uphold the accuracy of the results we settle in your events, there may be cases where additional time is taken to seek official confirmation of results.

Q: Where can I get the results for the games I have placed bets on?

A: You can find the results on our website: https://www.elitebetkenya.com/results.phpThere are also a number of sources online for getting the results of the games. We primarily use www.xscores.com, www.futbol24.com, www.socceraust.co.uk (for Australian competitions), www.sportstats.com

Q: Do you consider Extra time results?

A: No. All our games are valid for the normal 90 minutes of play (plus any additional time that may be added for stoppages/injuries). Extra time goals and penalty shootouts are not considered when settling bets, unless we offer specific bets covering these.

Q: What happens when a game is postponed/cancelled or disrupted?

A: If a game is postponed or cancelled and is not rescheduled to play within 25 hours of the initial kickoff, all bets in that game are voided. Meaning, if you placed it as a single bet, we would refund you the stake. If it was in a Multibet, we would void that particular fixture and settle the Multibet on the basis of the other selections. If it’s in a MabaoBET we settle the MabaoBET on the basis of the remaining games. If the MabaoBET has two or less remaining winning games, it will be refunded. If game is disrupted, but goes on to play for normal playing time, it is settled as normal. Further information is available in our betting rules.

Q: I placed a bet and the winnings are less than I had been advised.

A: This usually happens if there are games on your bet reference that have been postponed or if you placed any Asian (Draw No Bet) and the game(s) ended in a draw, meaning the selection(s) become void and the bet is settled on the remaining games.

Q: I placed a half-time bet and the game was cancelled/ postponed/ abandoned in the second half. What happens to my bet?

A: In such an event, we normally settle all the half time bets as usual and then all the full time based bets would be voided.

Responsible Gambling

Seal Capital Partners has a social responsibility and understands that Responsible gambling means staying in control of how much time and money our clients spend gambling. Gambling responsibly means treating the activity as just one form of entertainment in a balanced lifestyle. Just like with other forms of entertainment, gambling is a form of expenditure, and responsible gambling means not spending more money or time than we can reasonably afford, keeping in mind all our other responsibilities in life.

There are online resources available to you and we recommend Gambleaware. Seal Capital Partners are happy to permanently or temporarily close your Elitebet account which will prevent you from accessing our services. Please get in touch with our customer service department if you would like to do this or otherwise get advice.

DISPUTE RESOLUTION Q: Where can I submit my complaints about a game or any other aspect regarding my account?

A: The best medium to reach us is through e-mail. Send an e-mail to help@elitebetkenya.com, quoting your account number and the bet reference(s) you wish to complain about and we will investigate and advise you on the same. We aim to resolve all issues fairly and promptly and at least within 24 hours.