Full Cover Bets

A Full Cover bet is one accumulator bet which has been split into smaller bets that cover much more possibilities.

What does this mean? For example, if you choose three selections in your bet, all three of them have to be correct for you to get a return. In a full cover bet you split the bet up. What this means is that you have a much higher change of getting a return: even if part of your bet is correct, you can win on it. However, if you win ALL of your selections, generally you will win less than if you put your selections on a single bet.

Full Cover bets are so called because they cover all available multiple bets over a given number of selections. Some include singles as well. And they normally come with specific names: A Trixie is four bets using three selections. A Patent is the same as a Trixie but also includes all the single bets. A Yankee covers four selections, where as a Canadian (or a Super Yankee) uses five selections. A Heinz is so called because there are 57 different bets. The baked bean manufacturer Heinz used to advertise 57 different varieties, hence, a Heinz, which is based on six selections. The Goliath - our biggest current offering - goes up to 247 different bets.

To see some examples of the Full Cover bets we offer, and how they pan out, check out below. All of these bets are calculated on the basis of a 1000 KShs bet. Click on the bet name for more details using an example.

you make
Total Types of BetsTotal Number of BetsStake/Bet
Trixie33 Doubles and 1 Triple4250
Patent33 Singles, 3 Doubles and 1 Triple7143
Yankee46 Doubles, 4 Triples, and 1 Four-fold1191
Lucky1544 Singles, 6 Doubles, 4 Triples, and 1 Four-fold1567
Canadian510 Doubles, 10 Triples, 5 Four-folds, and 1 Five-fold2638
Lucky3155 Singles, 10 Doubles, 10 Triples, 5 Four-folds and 1 Five-fold3132
Heinz615 Doubles, 20 Triples, 15 Four-folds, 6 Five-folds, 1 Six-fold5718
Lucky6366 Singles, 15 Doubles, 20 Triples, 15 Four-folds, 6 Five-folds, 1 Six-fold6316
SuperHeinz721 Doubles, 35 Triples, 35 Four-folds, 21-Five folds, 7 Six-folds and 1 Seven-fold1208
Goliath828 Doubles, 56 Triples, 70 Four-folds, 56 Five-folds, 28 Six-folds, 8 Seven-folds, 1 Eight-fold2474