SMS Commands

We offer our clients a selection of SMS commands to assist you with getting the information you may require.

Send your SMS commands to our short code 29210 (sending SMS commands to 29210 is free).

  • To know your Balance: BALANCE
  • To withdraw: W + AMOUNT (Example: W 1000)
  • Place a bet by SMS: Match Code, Outcome using # symbol and prediction and Stake. Example: 101#2*1000, 102#1+101#0*1000
  • Get a match code and the prices: PRICE or CODE(Match Code or Team). E.g. CODE ARSENAL, PRICE WATFORD

If you have any suggestions please contact our customer service and we are always glad to receive your feedback!

Basic Betting Guide

On all football matches quoted in our lists you have the opportunity to predict the outcome of the games. There are many different outcomes, at its most basic is the overall winner of the match, sometimes called the 1X2, Full Time Result, or Win-Draw-Win. For this there are three possible results in any game: Home Win, Draw and Away Win. A betting coupon will show you the prices attached to correctly predicting the outcomes of the match. Here is an example:

England Premier Prices
K.O. Match Code Home Team Away Team Home Draw Away
23:30 pm 27th Jul 6601 Manchester Utd West Ham 2.00 3.45 3.65

SMS Betting

Betting via SMS

In order to take a bet, we need to know the match you want to bet on, the outcome you want to back, and the money you want to bet. We determine the match by using a number, the bet by using the # symbol and another number, and the stake comes after *.

But first you need the stake. You send this to us via MPESA. Go to MPESA Menu -> Pay Bill -> Enter Business Number 850700 -> Account elitebet -> Enter the amount you want to stake -> Enter your MPESA PIN and confirm. We will reply to you with a PIN code so you can bet online via this site as well. We might also need to check your age.

Placing the Bet Online

Login using your Phone number and the PIN that we sent to you. Click Bet Now, and then make your selections. It's very simple. Adjust your bet and selections as you see fit, and finally confirm and place your bet. That's it!

Placing the Bet by SMS

Here you identify the match you are betting on by its Match Code which, in this example as above is 6600. You tell us your prediction by adding it to the Match Code. In the match result bet a Home Win is #1, an Away Win is #2 and a Draw is #0. You tell us how much you want to stake by adding your stake at the end of the bet. 100 KShs is *100. So to bet on this match, predicting a Home Win with 100 KShs, you text the message 6601#1*100 to our dedicated number 29210.

Placing the Bet Online

Just log in to your account and follow the options here.

Get your balance

Just SMS the words BALANCE to us on 29210. We will reply with how much you have.

Getting your Winnings

If you have won it's equally simple to retrieve your winnings. Just tell us the amount you want to take out (if you want to bet again) in a text message that starts with W. For example, if you have won 500 KShs and you want the whole winnings, simply SMS to us W 500, and we will confirm and send your winnings via MPESA in the same day. If you want to leave 100 KShs to bet again, the text is W 400

Multiple Bets = Big Winnings

In a multiple bet all your predictions have to be correct for the bet to win. If you wish to predict the outcome of more than one game you can "link" them together in what is known as a Multiple or Linked bet. An example of this would be: Man Utd win (1.35), Arsenal win (1.75), Real Madrid win (2.00). To calculate your potential winnings you simply multiply the prices quoted for each selection, 1.35 x 1.75 x 2.00 = 4.72. This means that, if your three selections win, you will win 4.72 times your investment. In this form of betting there is no limit to the amount of selections you can link together.

To send linked bets by SMS you link with "+". For example 101#1+102#1+6600#2*100 puts the stake of 100 KShs on three matches.

Basic Rules

The most basic rules of football betting are:

  • Place all bets before Kick Off. We can refuse to take late bets.
  • No dependent bets. You cannot put a multiple bet on two outcomes where the outcome of one depends to some extent on the other. For example, we will refuse a multiple bet that tries to bet on a team winning outright, plus the other side not scoring, as clearly these are related outcomes. Equally, we will refuse a multiple bet if you bet on a team to win AND lose, you will lose your money regardless of the outcome. (You can of course place separate bets on these outcomes). The basic rule is one bet per match in a multiple.

Responsible Gambling

Elitebet Kenya / Seal Capital Partners Ltd. have a social esponsibility and understands that Responsible gambling means staying in control of how much time and money our clients spend gambling. Gambling responsibly means treating the activity as just one form of entertainment in a balanced lifestyle. Just like with other forms of entertainment, gambling is a form of expenditure, and responsible gambling means not spending more money or time than we can reasonably afford, keeping in mind all our other responsibilities in life.

There are online resources available to you and we recommend Gambleaware. Elitebet Kenya / Seal Capital Partners Ltd. are also happy to permanently or temporarily close your Elitebet account which will prevent you from accessing our services. Please get in touch with our customer service department if you would like to do this or otherwise get advice.